Standard Technical Configuration Guide

A guide to enabling recurring acquisition of your EHR data to populate your Medisolv Platform solutions.


Medisolv’s ENCOR solution requires data acquisition of your EHR data source and/or data warehouse. This allows for timely monitoring of performance on quality measures with automated daily or weekly data loads directly from your EHR data source and/or data warehouse to Medisolv’s secure, encrypted, cloud-based platform.‌ You must provide Medisolv with all required access, controls, and systems as outlined below and grant read access to your EHR data source(s) and/or data warehouse(s) included in the scope of the contract.

Description of Medisolv’s Cloud Architecture

Medisolv’s cloud architecture is hosted by Microsoft’s Azure cloud services. Our cloud architecture moves data that is stored in your EHR, either client-hosted or remote-hosted, to a secure Medisolv Azure database located on Medisolv’s secure cloud platform.

Data is sent via a secure HTTP/SSL encrypted channel (TLS version 1.2) using Microsoft’s Azure Data Factory which is certified for:

  • ISO/IEC 27001
  • ISO/IEC 27018

All data stores on our secure cloud platform are encrypted using database and disk-level encryption technologies (e.g. SQL Server Transparent Data Encryption). Intrusion-detection and threat-monitoring mechanisms are also in place to ensure all data is secure. Credentials are stored within the Azure Data Factory managed store, which is encrypted by certificate, and Microsoft manages these certificates.

Diagram of Medisolv's Cloud Architecture Data Flow 


The Process of Data Acquisition

The data acquisition process has two distinct acquisition phases:

Phase 1: Historical data acquisition

The historical data acquisition from your EHR data source and/or data warehouse to the Medisolv Cloud Platform may take upwards of 24 hours, during which time you may see an increase in network traffic and increased activity on the EHR data source and/or data warehouse.

This initial bulk acquisition will be scheduled in coordination with your team to ensure that it does not have a negative impact on operational requirements or system performance.

Phase 2: Incremental data acquisitions (recurring)

Regular incremental loads of any data that changed since the initial acquisition may take up to 10 hours per day, depending on the size of your organization(s).

Medisolv will perform incremental data acquisitions between 8 p.m. and 6 a.m. Eastern Standard Time.

We use a network limiter (rate limiter) as part of its default setup on the acquisition server to ensure that we keep bandwidth and network limits within reasonable levels and ensure that our systems do not negatively impact the operational requirements of your organization.

Requirements for Data Acquisition

To enable a secure data transport of Client data from the Client’s EHR data source and/or data warehouse to Medisolv’s secure cloud platform, Medisolv will require the use of an existing (or new) web server.

Medisolv must install Microsoft’s cloud driver on this server behind the client’s firewall. That server must have visibility to the client-hosted or remote-hosted EHR data source and/or data warehouse and internet access.

Medisolv will require administrator rights to this server/workstation to install, maintain, and service the data acquisition components.

Medisolv will require read-only access to Client’s EHR data source and/or data warehouse and network firewall configuration to permit data to be securely transmitted between Client network and the secure Medisolv cloud platform (see Network Firewall Requirements section). 

For Current Medisolv Clients:

Medisolv will work with your organization to use existing Medisolv web or database servers already in place, provided it has the appropriate level of connectivity.

For New Medisolv Clients:

A new server or workstation will need to be set-up. Medisolv prefers that a virtual server be used for this purpose.

Medisolv requires Client allocate up to 10Mbps of bandwidth, for up to 10 hours per day, to support the regularly scheduled incremental data acquisitions.

If your organization cannot allocate 10Mbps to Medisolv data acquisition, Medisolv systems can operate with lower levels of bandwidth, but may not be able to support daily updates and acquisition.

Medisolv requires a stable internet connection to achieve regular data transmissions between Client systems and Medisolv’s secure cloud environment. Lack of a stable internet connection can result in frequent data refresh failures and will negatively impact the functionality that Medisolv prides itself on offering to our clients. 

Hardware Requirements

The table below outlines the minimum hardware requirements for the web server/workstation:

Server Specifications


Quad Core Processor


32GB of RAM

OS Drive Free Disk Space

200 GB

Secondary Drive Disk Space

200 GB

Operating System:

Windows Server 2019 or later


Local Admin Rights



Network Firewall Configuration Requirements

To enable connectivity, outbound port 443 will need to be opened to the listed domain names:

Outbound Ports

Domain Names








443  * 


System Requirements

Medisolv will require your team to provide us the following:

  • Remote desktop access to server/workstation.
    • Medisolv will install and use BeyondTrust (BOMGAR) secure VPN solution for remote access and management of the server. BeyondTrust is Medisolv’s standard solution for providing secure remote support.
  • Domain account for Medisolv with Local Administrator rights to the server
  • Full server address and database names of your EHR data warehouse
  • EHR data warehouse read-only user account exempt from password expiration policies