Grid Filters

Report level filters help in selection of data for particular hospitals, categories or time spans. Once a report is generated, you can filter the data by specific fields on the grid to view only results that match your set criteria.

Filtering is enabled through the text boxes provided below the header row of the grid. Enter a full or partial phrase in a text box to filter the displayed data by the values you entered.

Example: If you enter “AMI” in the Indicator Name text field, it displays all records, where the Indicator Name comprises of the phrase "AMI".]

Other conditions for filtering the list can be selected by clicking on the Key icon besides the text box.

Example: Clicking on the Key icon near the Indicator Name text box displays the filters allowed on the text field, including Begins with, Contains, Doesn’t contain, Ends with, Equals, Doesn’t equal.

To clear the data filter, select the Clear Grid Filter icon under the Gear menu. Clicking this option displays the grid with all report filtering removed

Grid Filtering by Partial Strings