ENCOR Chart-Abstracted Release Notes Version

The version was released on November 16, 2022 and addresses the following:


  1. Added Measure Value, Last Required Field, Last Element Value, GWTG ID and Hospital Name fields to Abstracted Data Elements Export. These new fields can be added to the report by use of the Manage Abstracted Data Elements Report. They will be unchecked by default. Please keep in mind that adding fields to the report, adds them for the entire organization, including the automated (sFTP) report.
  2. Provided the ability within ENCOR for Hospital Abstracted Measures Cloud for the Facility Administrator to activate deactivated users (due to no sign on in 90 days) from the User Access page.
  3. Implemented Advanced Certification Heart Failure (ACHFIP) Measure Set starting 2023.
  4. Implemented Advanced Certification Heart Failure Outpatient (ACHFOP) Measure Set starting 2023.
  5. Added the ability to add Transition Record cases for multiple discharges across a single billed visit.  The TR Multiple Records Per Visit was added to address combined billing. Instructions are available here and look for a webinar announcement in December.
  6. TR has been removed from all reports, except the NEW TR Report for 1Q2022 and forward discharges.  This was necessary to count the TR Main Grid and TR Multiple Records per Visit Grid together.
  7. Any page with the Change Hospital icon (dueling arrows) will display a message if multiple tabs are opened for different hospitals, "Your current hospital selection has changed since you opened this page. Please close or refresh this tab."
  8. Abstracted Data Elements Export option to include In Progress Cases added. The sFTP version will include Completed cases only.
  9. HF Population Report will display the entire population even if the population is sampled. A new field, "Is Sampled", will display, "Yes", if the case is part of the sample.
  10. Locked Quarters/Measure Sets will no longer receive cases moved from another quarter. This means when changing a Discharge Date or Encounter Date that puts the case in a different quarter, if the quarter the case is being moved to is locked for submissions, the case will not move. An error message will be received,  "The quarter you are trying to move this case to is locked. Please contact ENCORSupport@medisolv.com for assistance".
  11. When a case is moved to a new quarter, it will automatically be placed "Abstraction In Progress" in order to force a Save in the new quarter. This will update reports to reflect the new quarter. 
  12. Medisolv Staging Key has been added to CSTK-10 Events Grid Field List.
  13. Change Measure Set (dueling arrows on the worksheet) for cases  with additional worksheets, will now display as color-coded Measure Sets that reflect Abstraction Status.
  14. Rate Measure Outlier Report updated to include MassHealth measures, HBIPS-DSC Measures and STK-VOL-1.
  15. Cases sent in HBIPS-EVT Unlimited Clinical files will reject if multiple events are sent for the same case, but they have different Dates of Birth.
  16. CMS Inpatient Psychiatric Facility Specifications Version 1.1a implemented for January 1, 2023.
  17. Sepsis Bundle Breakdown Report enhancement to include Persistent Hypotension failure prior to connector M (in the algorithm) in the Persistent Hypotension/Vasopressor Administration Sepsis Bundle Breakdown. Values of 3 or 4 for Persistent Hypotension will count in the outlier column.
  18. Minimum date (1/1/1880) added to validations for imports.
  19. CMS Inpatient Specifications Version 5.13 implemented for 1Q/2Q2023.
  20. CMS Outpatient Specifications Version 16.0 implemented for 1Q2023.
  21. MassHealth Specifications Version 16.1 implemented for 1Q2023
  22. Verified supported measures transfer to GWTG in new IRP. 

Issues Fixed:

  1. HBIPS Event Rate Results report Population field subtotals have been added back to the report.