[On-demand webinar] dQMs: Preparing for the Unknown

Digital Quality Measures (dQMs) went from a little-known acronym to prime-time star overnight, as CMS launched their ambitious plan to go completely digital in the next few years. But what exactly does it all mean? How will dQMs be different from or the same as eCQMs? How can I make sure my organization is ready for a fully digital environment? In short, we were left wondering what to do to prepare as we wait for more instructions. Instead of waiting, we need to harness the power of our digital measurement to learn insights about where our organization currently stands and how far we might need to go to be ready for a future, fully digital world.

In this session, you will learn how to complete an evaluation of your current digital environment. You’ll receive tools to help you understandwhat must be done to prepare. You’ll also see how setting up a process of review and improvement using digital measurement can create an organizational culture shift which will prepare you for dQMs.

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